Thursday, October 28, 2010

Knicks win 98-93 - Season Opener Reaction

So the Knicks won their season opener tonight against the Toronto Raptors 98-93. They looked impressive at times but definitely need some work in other areas mostly taking care of the ball.  Here are some thoughts about last nights game.

Knicks are undefeated when holding an opponent under 100 points

Ok. So they've only played one game. But in all seriousness, the Knicks will be a much more competitive team when they accomplish this task. When they went on their stretch of wins last December, most games they won they also held opponents under 100. Look for Turiaf and Mozgov to get more playing time if they continue to clog the middle like they did. Chandler will also be key.

Knicks are undefeated when out-rebounding their opponents

Yep. Couldn't resist. Same concept though. When the Knicks control the glass, good things happen. That's just simple basketball.

Knicks need to take better control of the ball

At times last night, especially during the 2nd quarter, the Knicks were sloppy and out of control. Amar'e often put his head down and didn't look for a kick-out to an open perimeter player - he was often swarmed once catching the ball. Amar'e alone had 9 turnovers last night.

Knicks need to run - and often!

The Knicks looked lightning fast last night on the break in several instances. I like that they were pushing the ball up even after a made basket. They definitely have the horses in Amar'e, Landry, Felton, Toney, and Chandler to have this uptempo style - something that D'antoni's offense has been lacking with a true great finisher until now (Amar'e). Look for the Knicks to run more as the season progresses.

Amar'e catching the ball too high in the post

Yeah, I get it. The Knicks are trying to get Amar'e and Felton to work the high pick and roll, which was successful for Amar'e in PHX and also for the Knicks under D'Antoni the last few seasons. But when they pick and roll wasn't there, Amar'e was catching the ball too high from the basket - often 15-18 feet. Amar'e has a slew of moves to get him the bucket, but after beating one defender he was often swarmed and forced shots or committed charges. Knicks need to get Amar'e the ball closer to the goal so that when he is swarmed he could have an easier finish or kick it to an open man who has much more room to shoot from a defender tracking back.

Chandler key off the bench

I didn't agree with this decision to not have Chandler start when I first heard about it but after seeing last night, it looks like Wilson might settle in nicely to a "Lamar Odom" type of roll. He will bring scoring and stellar man-to-man defense off the bench - similar to what he brought last night, especially in the 4th. Fields is also a good option to start since he is very athletic and has decent range. He will develop into an impact player.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Knicks inching closer to Melo deal

ESPN has reported that the Knicks have made tremendous progress in their attempts to acquire Carmelo Anthony. Denver appears to be more warm to offers than previously and on top of that the Knicks are rumored to be willing to include Gallinari in the deal.

According to ESPN, the Knicks are offering Randolph, Curry (of course), and now possibly Gallinari. It is also rumored that the Nuggets are not interested in Gallo and are possibly shopping him to a third team.