Monday, July 12, 2010

Chris Paul a Knick by December?

Let's not get our hopes up again, but this past weekend at Carmelo Anthony's wedding, Chris Paul toasted about the possibility of creating their own big 3 - the big 3 being Amar'e, Carmelo and CP3.

Amar'e is already a Knick, Melo will be a free agent for the summer of 2011 and is rumored to want to play at MSG, but Paul will not be a free agent until 2012, so we're waiting at least two more years for this to happen...


The Knicks acquire Paul in a possible trade this season. Why would New Orleans trade their superstar PG to the Knicks? How would this even be possible?

Paul has been rather vocal about his situation in N.O.. He wants the team to improve and he wants it to happen fast. Since they were eliminated by the Spurs in '08, the Hornets have not come close to being a Western powerhouse. If the Hornets do not make a dramatic improvement this season, expect Paul to become disgruntled and demand a trade.

The Knicks have tradeable assets. Young talent (Chandler, Felton) and a large expiring contract (Curry) could be enough to move Paul to the Knicks. Especially if Paul starts demanding a trade, the Hornets might have to deal to save face and avoid bad publicity.

It would not be a total loss for the Hornets either. They get Felton a young hardworking player who would most likely be the starting PG and Paul's direct replacement. Wilson Chandler plays great ball defense, is extremely athletic, can get to the basket, and has been improving his range. One of the most improved players on the Knicks last year, Chandler was overshadowed by David Lee's all star season. Thirdly the Hornets would get Curry, an $11 million expiring contract that would give them flexibility for spending in 2011.

Paul is scheduled to make around $15 million this season. Felton will make around $7.5 mil, Curry $11, and Chandler a little over $2 mil. The trade would not be an exact swap of equal contracts.

The Knicks are able to trade any newly signed free agents starting on December 15. If the Hornets do not improve, expect the rumors to start heating up by then, especially with the trade deadline around the corner.

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