Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to the greatest show on Earth

Welcome to the greatest show on Earth!

Word was out this morning that Lebron James was leaning towards signing with the Heat. According to reports he was 90% sure. My first reaction of the report was "ok, at least we know now." But the more I kept thinking about, the more it didn't feel right. Something smells fishy.

For the past week, Lebron and his circle have been so tight lipped about their intentions. They've been guarding all information as if it were a matter of national security. We were told that during meetings with teams, he showed very little emotion. He has been extremely mum during the entire process. There have been leaks here and there , but for the most part we didn't have any idea what Lebron was thinking.

On Tuesday night, Lebron announed to the world, I will make my decision and when I do it will be during a live press conference at 9pm on Thursday night during prime time, and oh yeah it will be on ESPN! Talk about drama! Lebron apparently loves the theatrics. Oh and another thing the program is called "The Decision" as to say this is the most important decision in all of sports.

We learned yesterday afternoon, the venue will be a Boys & Girls club in Greenwich, CT. Kind of an odd choice but only 35 miles from MSG, and even closer to the Knicks practice facility in NY. So the buzz yesterday was that Lebron was going to New York. So much so that the MSG stock dramatically rose.

So as of last night/ early morning, everything seemed to point NYK. Now as America awakes, we see a new report - Lebron leaning Miami, according to ESPN. Lebron's inner circle has told players and NBA officials that "privately" he is leaning towards playing with Bosh, and Wade in Miami. At first glance, wow! He made his decision. But why now of all times to break this story? It was the first thing I read this morning and yes I believed it at first, but now it is inconsistent with what Lebron and Co has been doing this whole free agency - playing mum! If it is Miami, then why the 1 hour special for 9pm tonight? It seems rather counter-intuitive to the drama LBJ was trying to create. "The Decision" will be rather undramatic if we all know he is playing in Miami...

UNLESS This is all part of the plan to create the greatest drama on Earth! At this point let's not call this a free agency signing, because let's face it, it's not. Instead let's call it a movie!

Now during any movie, the main character goes through a series of events and by the end he/she is faced with a decision. Some movies feature something called a twist and it makes for great drama. Just when you think the main character's life is going one way BAM the opposite happens! America, the audience, has now been set-up to believe LBJ = HEAT and with good reason. But if Lebron has showed us anything these last few days is that he loves being a free agent for the drama.

Could this be the greatest drama of all, making us believe one thing and then BAM a twist? Who knows? The fact that this story broke this morning for the world to see during the 11th hour just makes it feel, dare I say, planted. It it inconsistent with the world Lebron was trying to create. Lebron is the director, writer, and starring actor in his movie, and a movie makers knows that a great twist doesn't reveal itself until the end.

Be prepared for anything tonight! But my gut still feels NYK.

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