Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why Lebron is leaving Cleveland

Let's face it - what more can LBJ do in Cleveland? In Lebron's eyes, the opportunity to win a championship with the Cavs has become impossible. Here's why he's leaving.

It's not about the salary. If that were the case he would already have announced his intentions to re-sign with Cavs. That's not happening despite the fact that he will potentially lose $30 mil over the life of the contract. No other team can pay him as much as Cleveland can.

Cleveland can't provide a better roster. Last year they put all their eggs into the 2009-10 basket. They failed. They brought in Jamison which they thought would put them over the hump - it didn't. They signed Shaq for a one year contract to bang with Dwight Howard in a 7 game series - the match-up never even took place. Cleveland has no flexibility with the cap. Their only chance at making a dramatic improvement to their roster disappeared when Bosh announced he will play in Miami.

It's about a legacy. Lebron wants to be the king of the world. He is big on branding and wants to be a global icon. He wants to be the NBA's first billionaire. He wants to win 6+ mvp awards and 7+ championships. He will only be able to achieve this in the markets of Chicago, and New York. Despite receiving less money, the endorsements and branding alone will net him tons of cash.

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